The partners in Navigare Capital Partners will co-invest jointly with investors, primarily top-tier institutional investors and pension funds.

Maritime Investment Fund I K/S

In the initial closing for the Maritime Investment Fund I in March 2017, Navigare Capital Partners raised in excess of 300 million US dollars from two corner investors, PensionDanmark and Danica Pension. After a second closing with Lægernes Pension, the Fund had raised in excess of 400 million US dollars, and after a follow-on closing with Danica Pension the Maritime Investment Fund I closed in September 2018 with excess of 450 million US dollars.

The CEO of PensionDanmark, Torben Moeger Pedersen, says: “We are looking forward to a long-term partnership with Navigare Capital Partners for investments in maritime assets. The shipping investments will be taken care of by a team with strong competencies and experience, and we expect an attractive return over the relative long investment period.”

The Investment Director of Danica Pension, Jesper Langmack, says: “We expect that our investment in the Fund will give our members a sound return. It is a strong and competent team with broad experience that we are investing in and, when combined with today’s attractive price level for newbuilding and second-hand tonnage, represent the main reasons why we see this as a good investment.”

The CFO at Lægernes Pension, Niels Elmo Jensen, says: “We have been following the maritime sector for some time and have had dialoque with other shipping managers. The team behind Navigare Capital Partners has shown strong competencies, and have a solid maritime network and experience to control shipping assets across the different segments. We believe our investment commitment to the fund will provide an attractive long-term return for our pension fund members.”