Navigare Capital Partners specialises in building long-term strategic relationships with selected partners.
We look forward to engaging with you.

Navigare Capital Partners A/S
Strandvejen 70
2900 Hellerup

John Peter Boesen
+45 30 33 81 43

Lars Bagge Christensen
+45 40 26 08 08

Investment Director
Thomas Lund
+45 21 78 04 36

Compliance Director
Esben Skau
+45 40 75 47 24

Operations Manager
Line Skibdal Winther
+45 21 51 42 96

Associate and Research
Mikkel Vad Bondo
+45 21 25 93 05

Stig Duus Enslev
+45 40 48 60 63

Managing Partner
Henrik Ramskov
+45 61 63 10 51

Technical Director
Mads Svensson
+45 40 30 61 01


How to complain
In Navigare Capital Partners we prefer satisfied clients and we highly emphasize listening and counselling, based on our clients wishes and needs. But it may of course happen that you are not satisfied with the service provided by us. If so, feel free to initially contact the department, you have been in contact with and discuss the specific matter with them.

If you cannot reach an agreement, and you therefore wish to file a complaint, please contact the Complaint responsible person in Navigare Capital Partners at tel. 3033 8143 or

You may also file a complaint through the EU Commission’s online Complaint Portal at This is especially relevant if you are a consumer and resident in another EU country. If you complain through the EU’s Complaint Portal, please state our e-mail address, which is